⚀ Premium Yachting to the Imperial Shipyard

During this unique trip you will get to know the city from the other side. We will take you on an amazing cruise on the yacht board along the trail of the most beautiful historic buildings. This is something for people who like luxury and have a commitment to their own comfort. We will discover the Imperial Shipyard, an industrial heritage, a place worth its history, where #newstories will be written. For those who seek some adventure we will provide a real treat. There will be a chance to climb up the Crane M3, built in 1962. From the 30 meter height you will see the city and the shipyard from a totally new perspective. Snacks and drinks provided on board!

⚁ Gdansk foodie tour

A walk on the path of traditional Polish cuisine. Together, we will taste the menu of three superb restaurants: Gdanski Bowke, Ducha 66 and Kubicki Restaurant. We will also have a chance to taste traditional drinks like Goldwasser, Machandel and, of course, potato vodka. If you have ever wondered what goes well with different regional alcohols - you just cannot miss this foodie tour as we will introduce you to our way of food pairing. While walking through the city, our energetic, licensed guide Agnieszka Syroka will tell you all about the traditions of cooking in Gdansk. 

⚂ Let's cook together!

Together with Bartosz Ratkowski who is the chef of Ducha 66 restaurant, we will learn how to prepare a traditional, local, simple yet tasty delicacy. In a place filled with color, laughter and conversation. Where happiness is created among friends, with tables full of flavors, wine and coffee, accompanied by the historic center of Gdansk. Make yourself comfortable and feel the spirit of this place!!

⚃ Dragon boats race

Dragon Boats is an incredibly spectacular water sport originating in China, where races have been organized on this equipment for millennia. You will have a unique opportunity to take part in such competitions! The boats you will board resemble a mighty dragon. A good dose of emotions is waiting for you, which will awaken the spirit of competition. By the way, you will see Gdansk from a completely different, unusual side. In the meantime a reliable guide Jakub, who knows the city inside out, will take care of you - he will tell you about the history of Gdansk, sparing at the same time little-known details. Afterwords, we will visit a local brewery where we will try the beer from unique "beer wall" and the restaurant will save us its craft specialties, made on the spot!